Which Color Tie Should I Wear With My Black Suit?

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While being classic and versatile, a black suit jacket is a wardrobe essential for every man. It's ideal for formal meetings, business conferences, weddings, or a casual night out. However, a black suit for men is incomplete without the right tie. Poor styling or an off-color combination can make your outfit look dull. To save you from such wardrobe mishaps, our experts at My Suit Tailor have curated the best combinations of patterns and color ties to style with a black suit.

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So, let's answer the most-asked question—what color tie to wear with a black suit?

  • Solid Tones

If you want to keep it classic, a solid tie in neutral hues like black, navy, white, or grey is ideal for formal occasions like weddings, interviews, and business meetings. A solid color tie with a black suit gives you a professional and classy appearance without overwhelming it. You can also style a grey or black tie with a black suit and black shirt — for an unbeatable combination.

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  • Patterns

Tie patterns are an excellent way to give your black suit jacket outfit more depth and appeal. However, it's crucial to pick a pattern that isn't too strong or distracting while wearing a black suit. Most black suits design style well with subtle patterns like stripes or small dots in neutral colors like navy, gray, or burgundy. But, if you want to make a bold statement, opt for a paisley or a geometric design in vibrant colors like blue, purple, or pink.

  • Bright & Pastel Colors

Style a bright-colored tie like red, pink, or purple with a black suit jacket to add color to your ensemble. It is ideal for casual nights out, weddings, and summer events. To not be flashy, it's best to keep the rest of your outfit subtle and clean. A white or light-colored shirt with a bright tie will contrast beautifully.

  • Bold Hues

A bold tie will do the trick and make you stand out, no matter the event— formal or casual. However, choosing a bold color that complements the black suit design is essential. Burgundy, forest green, turquoise, orange, and navy blue are excellent choices as they have a deeper tone and give a striking appearance while contrasting the black suit. You can also style red or purple color ties with a black suit, but keep your overall look simple to prevent appearing overly flamboyant.

  • Textures and Materials

A fantastic way to spice up a black suit look is with a textured or material tie. Textured ties, like knit ties or wool ties, can provide depth and complexity to a black suit, mainly during fall or winter events. A silk tie with a slight texture, such as woven or embroidered, can also add interest to your black suit design.

That said, use a tie from the same color family as your suit to prevent clashing.

Now, let's examine the complementing color ties with black suit shades. If you're wearing a charcoal black suit for men, experiment with other shades of grey, white, or dark hues. For a medium-black suit, consider timeless hues like navy or burgundy. Pink or blue pastels may complement well with a light black suit.

Find the right tie from My Suit Tailor

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for picking the best tie to match a black suit for men. The event, your particular taste, and the appearance you're looking for—all come into play. Whether you choose a solid, patterned, bright, bold, or textured tie, My Suit Tailor has various options that match your black suit's design and give you a unified, well-groomed appearance.

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