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The ultimate short guide to different suit fabrics

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A suit is an essential piece when it comes to menswear. A suit has the power to make a good first impression and even give one a confidence boost. Many variables define a suit, but the very fabric of a suit is, perhaps, its most defining aspect. Here is a quick guide to help you pick the perfect fabric for your suit.

There are four main categories of fabrics:


Wool is the most popular option for suits meant for professional atmospheres. The fabric has high retention and hence retains its shape. Unlike other materials, it does not wrinkle. Wool is also extremely durable and water resistant, to an extent. What makes this soft fabric exceedingly favoured, is that it can be woven into many textures. From tweed to cashmere to worsted wool, there are many options when it comes to wool.


Cotton is a lighter alternative to wool. It is easy to care for and is best worn in hotter climates. The breathable property of cotton is welcomed in more tropical climates. The fabric is easy to care for and can be made to look neat and crisp when ironed. However, cotton does not retain its shape and creases easily, compared to wool. Since cotton is lighter, it is a good option for business executives who travel a lot as it can easily be folded. Cotton suits are also cheaper than their woolen counterparts.


Linen is a highly breathable fabric with extremely supple texture. While we rarely see it in corporate environments, it is accepted in places with hot temperatures. Linen loses its shape, creases, wrinkles and stains easily. It is, therefore, a less popular choice among suits.


Silk is a luxurious option for a suit. It is light on the body and immensely comfortable. Silk is a natural temperature regulator and hence can be worn any time of the year. It has a smooth texture and a vibrant feel. Silk is worn only on occasion.

While picking the material for your suit, look at as many options as possible, feeling each of the fabrics before picking one. A suit lasts for a lengthened time and getting the right fabric decides your level of comfort.

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