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The Art of Tailoring: Understanding the Difference Between Ready-Made and Custom Suits

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A well-tailored suit can create a strong impression while expressing confidence and class, whether for a big event or regular wear. Nevertheless, picking between ready-made suits and made-to-measure suits can be difficult with so many alternatives on the market. While both choices have pros and cons, what sets them apart?

This exclusively curated guide by My Suit Tailor experts will explore the nuances between custom-tailored suits & ready-made suits so that you choose the right fit!

What are Ready-Made Suits?

Ready-made suits are mass-produced and sold in standardized sizes. They are designed to fit multiple body types with minor alterations. They are available in numerous designs, colors, and patterns — often created from pre-selected fabrics with standard elements like lapel, buttons, and pocket styles.

What are Custom Suits?

Custom suits, also known as made-to-measure suits, are tailored to the customer's specific body shape and fashion choices. Experienced tailors take exact measurements and design a customized pattern exclusively that matches the customer's preferences — material, style, embellishments, and fit.

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Key Differences Between Ready-Made and Custom Suits

  • Fit & Comfort

  • As the name suggests, ready-made suits are made in bulk for consumers of different body shapes and sizes, so they may only sometimes offer a great fit & comfort. To obtain the right fit, they could need more adjustments. Contrarily, custom-tailored suits are designed according to your exact measurements, guaranteeing a seamless fit that gives comfort and ease of movement, resulting in a garment that feels like a second skin.

  • Fabric and Quality

  • When it comes to fabric & quality, custom suits have the edge. Made-to-measure suits online and offline provide high-quality material options like premium wool, silk, cashmere, etc. Custom-tailored suits are also aesthetically pleasing as the tailor pays great attention to details like stitching, lining, and finishing. 

    But, when you buy suits for men from a ready-made garment store, you will often find limited fabric options that may not be as long-lasting or extravagant as custom suits. 

  • Design, Style & Customization

  • While ready-made suits may have a good range, they often come in standard styles and designs, limiting the scope of trendy designs, styles & customization. In contrast, the best made-to-measure suits offer countless customization options—from choosing fabrics, colors, and patterns to lapel style, pocket design, button placement, and lining colors. This makes it possible to create custom-tailored suits that are one of a kind.

  • Time & Effort

  • Ready-made suits are an easy and time-saving choice because they are readily accessible for instant purchase. Custom-tailored suits, however, need more time and work as they include several fits, measurements, and discussions with a tailor. Although making a made-to-measure suit might take weeks or months, the end product is personalized to your taste and requirements.

  • Cost: 

  • Since ready-made suits are mass-produced and created using standardized designs and materials, they are often more economical than custom suits. Contrarily, custom-tailored suits are expensive as they are personalized to your measurements, fashion choices, and better materials. However, when you buy made-to-measure suits online, they are an investment in quality, fit, and personal style and might be worth the extra cost for men looking for an unprecedented suit.

    Which option is best for you?

    When choosing between options, you must weigh your personal choice, timeline, budget, and event. 

    A ready-made suit could be a practical option if you're on a tight budget or require one for a single event, as they’re affordable and easily available in different designs and colors. Conversely, a tailored suit may be the right choice if you value fit, comfort, durability, customizations, material, and unique style.

    Regardless of the decision, made-to-measure suits can be an investment in lasting elegance and confidence.

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    Now that we have understood the difference and significance of both options, it’s time to buy suits for men online. My Suit Tailor is a high-end menswear clothing brand with the best made-to-measure suits, shirts, tuxedos, and trousers. You can create a suit from scratch and choose your preferred color, material, lining, style & more. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Start designing your custom-tailored suit!

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