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Every Man’s Go-to Guide for D-Day

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It is a common misconception that men do not look forward to their wedding day as much as their partners; it isn’t true. They care very much! Most men know what look or style they would like to sport, based on their personality and theme of the wedding. For the man looking to look his most winsome on his wedding day, consider these pointers when choosing your attire -


Keep in mind the setting of your wedding: Are you getting married in autumn, summer or winter? This will help you determine the fabrics for your dress shirt and suit – cotton, cotton-silk, linen for the warmer months and tweed, velvet, wool for the cooler months of the year.

Further to this, understand what kind of garment you want to go in for – a classic tailored suit or tuxedo, two- or three-piece version or perhaps one with a breast jacket or vest. Colours play an important role too. Besides the versatile black, choose from beige or cream, Airforce blue, charcoal grey, Silver grey or a navy blue. (The tone of your suit, of course, has to be complementary to the hues of your dress shirt and other accents.)


Depending on your personality and style, pick out accompaniments, next. There are much to choose from - Badges; cuff-links; floral motifs for your button-holes; pocket squares or lapel pins? Bow-ties or ties? . Socks in muted tones or emblazoning subtle prints work best: mustard, taupe; polka dots or stripes. For your shoes, we recommend a selection of classic styles – Oxford shoes or brogues; perhaps patent leather boots with a simple metal buckle or slip-on calfskin or suede loafers in dark tones.

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