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How to look after your suits?

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We all are very protective about the things we possess specially when it comes to our cars and other expensive items, then why do we not look after our suits which showcases our image and personality.
Making your Custom-tailored Suits last should be a top priority, especially if you consider your clothes as investments.

No need to spend all your hard-earned dollars just for dry cleaning. My Suit Tailor will share a few practical tips and tricks, which will prolong the life of your suit by a few years.

1. Extra Pair of Trousers: Shopping from any store or online, the option of buying 2 pairs of Trousers with 1 Suit is rarely available, but when you get your suit custom tailored

you can take advantage of the option by ordering 2 pair of trousers with 1 Jacket, this is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your suit by 2-4 years. We mostly tend to remove our Jacket when at work and only wear it when we have an important meeting. Whereas if you have 2 pairs of Dress Pants with the same Jacket You can wear them both alternatively to get the maximum use of the Suit.

2. Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning more often decreases the life of your suits.

Italian tailored suits must be Dry cleaned 2-3 times a year. The chemicals used in Dry cleaning more often damages the fabric of the suit and after a year the Fabric tends to become shinny and loses its newness. Instead of regular dry cleaning get your suits steam ironed.

             Dry Cleaning the Suits

Your suits are not your typical shirts jeans or t-shirts that can withstand regular ironing. The suits are made of wool fabrics and the jackets are lined which makes them delicate Suits must be properly cared for and will last longer when it’s just steam ironed.

3.Having an Extra Tailored Suit: To have more is always good, We Usually have 4-6 suits in our wardrobes which we wear on a regular basis. Having men's tailored suits in popular and safe colors like Blues, Navies, Greys & Blacks are always a safe bet to wear.

We can rotate wearing different suits, so that any one suit is not worn more than 2 times a week.

4. Wooden Hangers and Suit Cover: We at My Suit Tailor give a lot of importance towards maintenance & care, Our customer can maintain and retain the suit for as long as possible

                        Wooden Hangers and Suit Cover

We provide good quality Hangers and Suit Covers that better protect and keep their shape, wooden hangers are ideal to use especially when storing men’s suits for a long time in your closet.

Taking care of your Tailored Suits need not be expensive. It just takes a few simple and practical ways to ensure you have the best possible care for your worthy investments.


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