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Crafting a Flawless Impression: Avoiding Common Tuxedo Mistakes

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Nothing compares to a custom-tailored tuxedo’s timeless elegance for formal occasions. It is a classic item that can give any man a dapper and refined appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the appropriate tuxedo styling dos and don'ts. Even one slip-up might make your chic look a fashion faux pas. 

With experienced tailors who’ve collaborated with several fashion brands, MySuitTailor understands how important it is to style the best custom tuxedo online. So, whether attending a black-tie event or getting married, use this guide to avoid 7 common mistakes and rock your tuxedo look.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing a Tuxedo

1. Wearing a standard size

An ill-fitting or off-the-rack tuxedo is usually stitched to fit an average body size. However, every man has a different physique, and styling a standard size can derail your overall look. Hence, tuxedo suits for men must be customized and well-tailored to get the right fit, emphasizing your physique and oozing elegance. So, you must visit a skilled tailor or shop from a reputable online shop that offers customization.

2. Choosing the Wrong Fabric

When you buy a tuxedo suit, the fabric is essential. Many people choose low-quality fabrics that lack the elegant shine and drape required of this formal clothing. Pick materials like wool, silk, or velvet for a rich appearance, comfort, and breathability, considering the event, weather, and location.

For instance, a wool tuxedo can be overly warm and unpleasant if you're going to a summer wedding. In this situation, you can use a lighter fabric, such as cotton or linen.

3. Wearing a Traditional Button-Up Dress Shirt

The typical button-up white dress shirt and black tuxedo suit combination may seem a no-brainer, but it often gives a dull and formal appearance. Instead, consider options like textured or pleated shirts, fabrics with subtle patterns, or even contemporary tuxedo shirts with a concealed placket or bib front. These minor touches can give your look a modern edge and set you apart from the crowd.

4. Only relying on black tuxedos

Even though black tuxedo suits are classic, it's vital to experiment. Navy, deep burgundy, or even grey tones can refresh your formal wardrobe and increase versatility. Add new colors and different textures that highlight your uniqueness and compliment your skin tone and occasion.

5. Preferring to rent rather than buying

Although renting a tuxedo could appear effortless, it usually leads to standard-fitting clothing and limited options. But if you buy a tuxedo suit, it will be a great investment for your wardrobe. It lets you have custom-tailored tuxedos that match your style and show off your flair. That said, owning a tuxedo has never been easier, thanks to online merchants like MySuitTailor offering many tuxedos at affordable costs.

6. Overlooking the pocket square and accessories

A well-chosen pocket square can elevate any tuxedo to the level. Unfortunately, many people disregard this item. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and folds to add flare to your ensemble. Additionally, pay attention to cufflinks, bow ties, and lapel pins—they should match your tuxedo suits for men and connect the complete look.

7.Putting on casual shoes

Footwear can enhance or ruin a look, and putting on casual shoes with colorful or black tuxedo suits is the biggest fashion blunder. To pull the look together, wear formal shoes like, polished dress shoes or patent leather shoes. Be mindful of the shoe color, laces, and overall shoe condition—it shouldn't be torn or worn off. Your socks must also match the pant color and be of the appropriate length.

Where to Buy Tuxedo Suits Online?

Now that you know which mistake to avoid, it’s time to find the best custom tuxedo online. MySuitTailor is a premium online formal wear brand offering personalized and custom-tailored tuxedos, suits, shirts, pants, etc. All customers have to do is choose from the wide range of tuxedo suits for men, select customize and choose your preferences, and voila, your customized Tuxedo look is tailored to perfection by expert tailors and delivered to your doorstep!

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