VBC Grey Shark Skin Suit

Delivered in 3 Weeks

Know Your Fabric:

Origin: VBC - Italy
Color: Light Grey
Pattern: Shark Skin
Composition: Perennial collection Super 110s
 Weight: 250 - 275 Gms


Beautiful Suit with the perfect texture for fall and winter. Woven from a premium Italian wool super 110’s from Vitale Barberis Canonico, this luxurious Suit is a beautiful combination of warm and soft (thanks to the wool) .

This Super 110s range is VBC’s global, best-selling quality that combines traditional style and elegance with a unique degree of wearability. The cloths from this range are textured in such a way to make them suitable for year-round wear

A permanent collection of solid twills, woven using Super 110s fibers. Nearly every color imaginable is in here, giving you a wide range to pick from. Perfect for suits , jackets and trousers alike.