Men's Italian Suits

Navy Flannel Suit-VBC

Know Your Fabric:

Origin: Imported Fabric
Color: Navy Blue
Pattern: Plain Solid
Composition: Pure Wool Super 110s
 Weight: 365 - 390 Gms


Perennial is the suit fabric par excellence for work. Vitale Barberis Canonico has never stopped improving this fabric in which the fluidity of the weave and the quality of the Super 110’s wools work together to enhance the suit

Woollen flannel, versatile, warm and soft, perfect for winter day suits with strong personalities and an absolute must-have in a gentleman’s wardrobe. High quality, but modest, it shies away from excessive sheen and gives an air of authority and reserve to the person wearing it. The mélange yarn enriches the material, giving it a hidden complexity on a marbled background which adds depth to the already irregular effect of the carding.In spite of their simplicity.


Italian Suits For Men

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